Bluebell Forest Wax Melts

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Bluebell Forest; Dew Drops on Your Shoes

The sun's rays making you squint, the soft earth beneath your feet and the forest's dappled canopy above.


These Wax Melts provide a brand new way to enjoy our splendid scents. Just place a melt into our Wax melt warmer (other wax melt warmers are available!) with an unscented tealight underneath and enjoy the scentsational™ experience for fifteen hours at the very least (only joking with the ™ thing and you don’t have to do it all in one fifteen hour sitting).


When you want to try a new scent, just let the wax cool and become solid, pop it out and try another.


Burn Time 15 hours each Melt (15 x 8 = 120 Hours !!).


Handmade in England