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Lily-Flame’s Candles are world famous for their amazing scents and packaging. Lily Flame have a signature tin scented candle range and a glass scented candle range. Our master perfumers have carefully created each tin scented candleand glass scented candle to have a character unto itself, with a personality to match. With an individual name and a unique caption each Lily Flame scented candle tells a story. With fragrances that take you back to your childhood or throw you into a field full of daisies, Lily flame scented candles will take you on a sensual journey. Our wide range of exclusive scented tin candles and scented glass candles ensures you will find one that feels like it was made just for you. Indulge your sense with a Lily Flame scented candle, so perfect, it will turn your everyday room into your personal Utopia. With a fantastic array of colours you are sure to find a scented tin candle to compliment any décor.

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